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Rent or buy storage container 

Renting or buying a storage container is a logical choice if you need extra space quickly. Who wants to store goods temporarily or for a long time, do not want to worry about it. Not about safety, nor about the circumstances in which his valuable property or company furniture is. Choose when renting or buying a storage container for a specialized company. Fricon has storage containers for rent and for sale.

Storage in containers - inside or outside ?

Some materials and belongings can be stored in an outside storage container without any problem, but in many cases the customers from Fricon choose for storage in a container that is not exposed to the weather (and therefore moisture). Fricon specializes in insulated containers. Special wishes or requirements? Let us know and we will help you choose between a standard storage container or an insulated container.

Do you have questions or do you want a sharp offer for a storage container? Call 010 - 2829993.

voorbeeld van een opslagcontainer in gebruikBuy or rent any type of storage container

At Fricon you can buy or rent any type of storage container from our stock. The prices are therefore always sharp. If you have a storage container renting or buying from Fricon, you hardly have to arrange anything yourself. The container that is most suitable for the type of storage you want is soon on hand with you (or your company) at the door.

When does a container come in handy ?

A storage container or sea container offers a solution in many situations. In construction, storage containers are often used for the storage of materials, but private individuals are also helped with temporary storage during a renovation. Farmers also regularly use our storage containers. It is also possible to place your own storage container with us in one of our secure storage centers.

Storage containers without worries

By choosing a storage container from Fricon you can rest assured that your valuable possessions are safe. Our storage centers in the country are closely monitored. We ensure that you do not have to worry about your storage container. If you have questions or need good advice, contact us. We like to help you.

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